CHILDREN from Allenbourn Middle School in Wimborne spent an afternoon at Walford Mill to mark the end of a month-long art and music project.

The youngsters in year six took part in the ‘Magnificent Mills’ activities created by arts company Emerald Ant, with partners Wimborne History Festival and Walford Mill Crafts.

The theme was ‘historic mills’, and workshops were held in which the children could show their creativity.

At the final ‘garden party’ at Walford Mill in Wimborne their interactive works were put on display.

They included huge otherworldly ghosts suspended from trees; enormous, vibrant kingfishers perched in the branches; and a giant wheel where colourful willow and tissue paper figures were cranked around by children pushing a bicycle pedal.

Pippa Martin, subject lead for Art at Allenbourn, said: “It was a tremendous month-long project with a grand finale.

“Most of the art workshops were held at Walford Mill, with support from the Museum of East Dorset.

“Children learned new craft techniques such as making willow frameworks, sculpting with foam and designing large scale, colourful artworks with a Georgian flavour, to chime with this year’s Wimborne History Festival.

“After each workshop pupils came back to school full of enthusiasm, excitement and pride in their creative achievements.

“We are hugely grateful to everyone who worked so hard to enable this project which will live long in the memories of all who took part.”

Funding was provided by the Arts Council and Dorset Council.

Cindy Pritchard, headteacher of Allenbourn, said: “It has been so brilliant for our pupils to be involved in this wonderfully creative and engaging project.

“They have enjoyed every minute of it and the final art work and music were a wonder to behold.”