A FILMMAKER from Poole has launched a fundraising campaign to get his newest venture off the ground.

Having turned his life around at the age of 31, Steven Murphy has since produced three feature films, Doorwarys, Relentless and My Saviour, which have all been distributed across the country.

In order to produce his trio of films, which he has also starred in, Steven has sold his taxi, pitched to businesses for sponsorship and even boxed in order to raise the funds needed.

He said: “With no training or experience, just my love of cinema, I wrote, produced, raised the budget and acted in my first feature film. I only directed as I couldn't afford one.

“It was the hardest thing I had ever done in my life. I just had to wind it and get on with it. I felt like it was my last chance at something I wanted to do in life.

“I then made my second and third feature the same way.”

Steven, who launched film making company Hard Work Films to make his films, suffered a heart attack midway through the filming of his second film but still managed to get the film complete.

Bournemouth Echo: Steven Murphy has renovated a coach that he now lives in

Now his attention turns to his new screenplay Skull Hunter, a crime film following a detective’s hunt for a serial killer.

He says he has received “great feedback” following the completion of the film’s trailer, as well as interested from American talent agency, CK Talent, who have offered to represent him.

However, Steven is looking for additional funding to attract a “named” actor to appear in the film to take the feature to “the next level”.

He said: “I don't want to act in this one, I just want to direct. I can't continue to make them how I have been. It's just too much, mentally and physically.

“Plus, I want to take the feature to the next level.

“I have been approaching 'named' actors to star. They like it, it gets great feedback, but of course, it’s down to money.”

Having set his fundraising target at £7,500, Steven has so far raised just over £1,000.

To donate, click here, and too find out more about Steven and Hard Work Films, and to watch the trailer to Skull Hunter, click here.