A MOTHER in Poole is urging other people in the area to remain vigilant after her son was pushed off his bike during an attempted robbery last week.

Three boys on a moped followed a 16-year-old boy as he was cycling across the footbridge off Sherborne Crescent on his way back from school on Monday, October 4.

The trio made attempts to push the teenager to the ground and make off with his bike.

The victim sustained no serious injuries from the incident.

A police spokesman said: “Dorset Police received a report of an attempted robbery in Poole.

“It is reported that the victim was cycling across the footbridge near to Tower Park when he was approached by three boys on a moped who tried to steal his bike.

“One of the boys tried to push the victim off his bike. 

“Enquiries are ongoing into the report. No arrests have been made.”
The mum of the victim said: “My son is extremely shaken and consumed by this.”

“Three boys on a silver 2018 moped came from behind beeping the horn, pulled up alongside him and kicked him to get him of his bike.

“These boys are still out there and need catching as soon as possible.”