FITNESS coach Joe Wicks has returned to Dorset to jet board around Lulworth Cove.

The TV presenter was in the area on Sunday just weeks after he became stranded during a visit to the beauty spot to celebrate his 36th birthday.

In a post on social media on Sunday, he said: “We’ve just driven straight down to Lulworth Cove and we’re back. I bought George, my little brother out on the jet board.

“So, we’re going to be with a few of my other mates that have got them and they also have power jets so they’re going to be flying over us as we jet board.

“It’s going to be amazing and the conditions today are absolutely perfect for it, it’s going to be wicked.

“We’re going to be ripping it round Lulworth Cove and Durdle Door.”

The Body Coach thanked an environmental campaigner for “saving his life” after his jet board broke down and he became stranded on the rocks in September.

Speaking about the experience, he said: “I waved to these guys going past and I said, 'help, SOS!'

"And these guys who were out here cleaning all the rubbish picked me up - so thank you Oly for saving my life.”

Joe Wicks most recently made the news after he was joined by hundreds of residents for a 5K run on Bournemouth beach