A SERIAL soap-star is set to enchant audiences as Poole Lighthouse presents its first in-house pantomime production.

Known for her roles as Cindy Beale and Stella Price in EastEnders and Coronation Street respectively, Michelle Collins will lend her talents to Lighthouse’s production of Beauty and the Beast.

Performing alongside children’s TV presenter Chris Jarvis, who plays Dame, Michelle will appear as the enchantress Nightshade in the production which runs from December 9-31, 2021.

Michelle said: “I didn’t do panto last year because of the pandemic, but Chris and I were together in Swindon the year before and we talked about working together again so this is the first opportunity we’ve had, and I jumped at the chance.

“It is kind of hard to shake off the soap thing, but what do you do? It’s part of life – you have to move on and do as many things as you can. I produce now, I have my own company, and you have to be really proactive not reactive.

“I remember going to my first panto and how special it was.

“For a lot of kids it’s the first time they’ve gone to the theatre and it’s great to see families enjoying themselves on a big family day out. That means you have a responsibility – if your name’s on the poster, you have to deliver.”

Ahead of living in Poole for a month, Michelle said: “Everyone tells me that because it’s on the Jurassic Coast it doesn’t get that cold there at Christmas, but maybe they just told me that to entice me.”

Visit www.lighthousepoole.co.uk for more information.