THE temperature is really starting to drop as we enter October - let's see what the weather has in store for us this weekend. 

The forecast is looking pretty unsettled for the first weekend of October with plenty of cloud and a day of drizzle on Saturday. 

Although the weather isn't looking that great there are a lot of events taking place this weekend to keep your spirits up.

In today's outlook, Friday, October 1, the cloud will remain thick throughout most of the day though the sun will poke through by the late afternoon and early evening leaving a mild and clear night.  

On Saturday however, we can expect plenty of rain as the coast gets battered by stormy weather for most of the day - top temperatures will be around 16c.  

The outlook for Sunday is looking much better, with bouts of light rain and glimpses of sun through most of the day - so as long as you pack your wellies and a raincoat, a weekend adventure isn't out of reach.

Here's the Met Office forecast, obviously this may be subject to change:

Friday, October 1

10am – rain, 14c

1pm – rain with sunny intervals, 16c

4pm – rain with sunny intervals, 16c

7pm – clear, 13c

10pm – cloudy, 11c

Saturday, October 2

7am – cloudy, 14c

10am – cloudy with rain, 15c

1pm – cloudy with heavy rain, 15c

4pm – cloudy with heavy rain, 16c

7pm – cloudy with rain, 16c

10pm – cloudy, 13c

Sunday, October 3

7am – cloudy , 12c

10am – sunny, 14c

1pm – cloudy with a chance of rain, 15c

4pm – cloudy with a chance of rain, 15c

7pm – clear, 14c

10pm – clear, 14c

What are your plans this weekend? Let us know in the comments.