IN THE light of the ongoing petrol issues, could police and council please make our public transport and roads safe for travelling without a car right now – 24/7 security at Poole Bus Station and Bournemouth Square with security guards physically removing intoxicated aggressive people.

Council owned land so quite legal. They have that at the council offices so why not for protecting bus passengers?

School Street road safety filters at every school-residents cars walked through during school pick up and drop off who currently can’t drive at these times anyway because of gridlock.

Low Traffic Neighbourhoods on all side streets-you can take a car in and out but not through them, only emergency vehicles, mobility scooters and bikes allowed through.

Crossing patrols on all dangerous roads during school run time, not just on roads near schools.

Safe, wide segregated cycle lanes on all main roads.

Level access at every train station, including taking the train company to court to get the Pokesdown lifts repaired.

Keyhole Bridge to go back to being a safe cycle and walking route for Poole hospital staff, school children, students and all the others now prevented from using it by cars squeezing through this single track road with no pavement on one side and a very narrow pavement on the other and a blind bend downhill.

Paris is getting all of this and more at the moment as it is what they voted for last year in lock down so it can all be done here.

The difference is we haven’t been allowed a local election to vote this all in.


Britannia Road, Poole