FROM 'copper' to cream teas – meet the former Dorset Police officer who transformed an old horsebox into thriving baking business Heidi Hi-Teas.

After thirty years of service with the police force, Heidi Moxam, 49, from Branksome, retired from her role as Road Casualty Reduction Officer in March 2021.

Bournemouth Echo: The Heidi Hi-Teas horseboxThe Heidi Hi-Teas horsebox

A keen baker, she decided to turn her efforts towards starting a business with her passion for tasty treats.

Heidi said: "I did 30 years of policing which was what I always wanted to do and I really enjoyed it. But, I have always loved baking for friends, family and later the police squad.

"It all stemmed from there. I love to be able to do this and supply people with good food and good drink that makes them happy.

"I had a couple of quite traumatic experiences in my life, so I was more determined to do it and start the business.

"I got the horsebox in April this year and I started setting it all up. Renovating it took me up to the middle of August. My brother helped me with all of the artwork and setting up my social media pages.

Bournemouth Echo: Tasty cupcakes handmade by Heidi Tasty cupcakes handmade by Heidi

"It’s exciting as I’m following my dreams. I love being out there in the horsebox.

"I did my first trial run a few weeks ago and it was a good eye-opener with regards to what people like and dislike. The feedback I had was amazing."

Heidi, who learnt all of her baking skills from her mum and nan, mainly offers a variety of sweet treats, from cupcakes and muffins to larger cakes.

Bournemouth Echo: The Heidi Hi-Teas horseboxThe Heidi Hi-Teas horsebox

She said: "If people are going to have a cup of coffee they may as well have a decent slab of cake to go with it.

"I can make an afternoon tea for people, and I am looking to extend to do savoury food such as pasties too. I can also cater for bespoke events and make celebration cakes. I bake all the goods, including gluten free and dairy free cupcakes."

Bournemouth Echo: Heidi Hi-Teas afternoon teaHeidi Hi-Teas afternoon tea

To kickstart her foray into the baking business, Heidi attended the Moreton Russell three-day event at Moreton Equestrian Centre earlier this month.

She said: "I have really had a positive response from people and I’ve even had repeat customers and bookings for celebration cakes. I was really quite overwhelmed by some of the nice comments I received. I am really chuffed.

Bournemouth Echo: Heidi at an equestrian event Heidi at an equestrian event

"When I go to events, I can take everything with me in the horsebox and serve everyone who is there, and so far so good.

"But, I don’t want to be pigeonholed to equestrian events. I want to cater for bespoke events like celebrations, gender reveal parties and so on.

Bournemouth Echo: A celebration cake made by Heidi A celebration cake made by Heidi

"At the moment I am trying to find my feet. I am travelling to wherever I want to go to or am wanted.

"I want Heidi Hi-Teas to grow and make people aware that I am here. I want to help people enjoy their events and take away the pressure of catering."

To keep up-to-date with Heidi and her business, visit Heidi Hi-Teas on Facebook or email for enquiries.