A YACHT which encountered an electrical fire prompted lifeboat crews to rush its rescue.

Poole Lifeboat assisted the Swanage Lifeboat team while returning from a previous incident.

A spokesperson said: “Whilst on route back to the station, the lifeboat crew were tasked to help Swanage Lifeboat Station to take over a tow of a 24ft yacht with two people on-board, the yacht had encountered an electrical fire.

“As the Poole lifeboat crew were making their way to rendezvous with the Swanage crew, they were redeployed to a jet ski at Shell Bay with two youngsters, the report was that the jet ski had broken down.

“On arrival, the lifeboat found one person on the jet ski and one was in the water, the crew checked that they were okay and took the casualties onto the lifeboat and brought them and their jet ski back to Baiter Slip.

“Once safely ashore, the Poole crew caught up with Swanage Lifeboat and took over the tow bringing the yacht safely back to its mooring off Dorset Lake Shipyard.

“The lifeboat returned to station, after a busy afternoon, after wash down and refuelling, the lifeboat was ready for service by 5pm.”