A set of roads are to close in October to allow for micro asphalt surfacing of the carriageway.

BCP Council confirmed in a public notice which roads would close.

Kimberley Road would close on October 10, Boscombe Cliff Road on October 11 to October 15, Southbourne Coast Road would close from October 19 to 21, Seafield Road from October 20 to 21, Stourwood Avenue on October 21 and 22 and Forest Close would close on October 21.

On October 22, Ensbury Park Road and Avon Road East would close. Avon Road West would close between October 22 and 23, Salterns Road would close October 23, as would Britannia Road.

Parkwood Road and Woodside Road would be closed on October 23 and 24, Beechey Road on October 24, Wick Lane on October 24 to 25, Worthington Crescent and Chine Crescent would both close on October 25.

Warren Edge Close closes on October 26, Christopher Crescent closes between October 26 and 27, Fenton Road and Greenfield Road will both close on October 27, Old Farm Road between October 27 and 28, Stamford Road and Verona Avenue on October 28 and Paisley Road on October 29 and 30.