A BAREKNUCKLE boxer from Bournemouth is to face his “biggest match to date” as he prepares for a challenging fight in Moscow tonight.

Having taken up the sport a couple of years ago, Randy Randayn, known as Kofi King, is currently five wins from five bouts.

With some competitors turning down the opportunity to fight him, the undefeated boxer, who works as a financial advisor as his day job, is now having to venture to the continent to find “the hardest competition”.

Randy said: “My background is gloved boxing is very shallow, I have been doing boxing training for years but when it came time to get in the ring, I was struggling to find an opponent because rumours of being breaking ribs in the gym had spread around.

“I did however manage to find a few fights with opponents well above my level and beat them.

“That did not help because now even fewer people wanted to fight me.”

The Bournemouth boxer, measuring 6ft 2in and weighing in at over 114kg, has put together a string of impressive performances to win all of his fights by knockout, beating veterans in the game sauch as Mie Marshal and Jimmy Mccrory in the process.

Bournemouth Echo: Having won all of his previous five fights by knockout, bare knuckle boxer Randy Randayn, known as Kofi King, prepares to fight fighter Viacheslav Datsik in Russia on Friday September 24

Now Randy prepares to square up against MMA fighter Viacheslav Datsik in his native Russia on September 24.

He added: “I took one against Mie Marshal, who was the world pit fighting champion. I stopped in in the third and knocked him down seven times in the process.

“I then fought Jimmy Mccrory, legend in the game and dismantled him in the first.

“This gave me the opportunity to go to Moscow to fight Viacheslav Datsik. You only have to google him to know all about him.

“He is a real character, but I plan on knocking him out. He will be my biggest match to date and will take a lot to finish him.”

The fight will be televised in Russia and other countries as well as being streamed on several online platforms.