FIREFIGHTERS were called to an address in Poole after reports of smoke protruding from a property this morning.

Two fire engines from Westbourne and Poole attended the incident on Landown Road at 9.23am.

Once on the scene, fire crews used thermal image cameras to locate the source of the smoke, which was found to be caused by a joss stick igniting a piece of carpet.

The smoke was ventilated using a giant fan and the stop came at 9.47am.

A spokesman from Dorset and Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service said: “Crews from Westbourne and Poole were called to a property fire on Landown Road, Poole at 9.23am this morning.

“Firefighters found smoke logging in the lounge on the ground floor and used a thermal imaging camera to locate the source, which turned out to be a joss stick which had come into contact with the carpet.

“Crews removed the joss stick and used Positive Pressure Ventilation to clear the smoke.”

The fire service have urged people to never place candles, incense sticks or oil burners near materials that can easily catch fire, like curtains or carpets.

Residents are also advised to keep areas clutter free and test that their smoke alarms are in working order.