AN ADAPTATION of the classic tale of Pinocchio is set to premiere at the Lighthouse in Poole next month.

On Saturday October 2, two screenings will be shown at the venue, one at 11am and another at 2pm featuring all the elements of the iconic story.

“We invite parents to invest their imaginations and enjoy this journey with their children,” said Niki McCretton, artistic director of Stuff & Nonsense, the theatre company behind the show.

“We want as wide an audience as possible to come and see this show, regardless of whether they’re regular theatre-goers.”

Stuff & Nonsense started working on what is their biggest production yet prior to the pandemic.

The company began working with youngsters to a work a course through Carlo Collodi’s original 19th century story.

Ms McCretton added: “We’ve all heard of Pinocchio so there’s the familiarity of the story and an audience of families that know and trust Lighthouse, then they encounter something that might not be quite what they think they’re expecting."

Following the premiere in Dorset the show will start a UK wide tour.

Tickets and further information can be found on the Lighthouse's website.