A SCHOOL in Bournemouth have said that they are considering suspending assemblies following an outbreak of positive Covid-19 cases.

Bournemouth School are said to have a number of absences across the school, the majority of which are in the year 8 cohort.

Dr Dorian Lewis, headmaster of the school says the total number of absentees correlates to less than five per cent of the total population at the school, of which there are around 1,142 students.

Assemblies are still continuing at the school, but Dr Lewis said that that suspending assemblies at the school is “one option we are considering”.

He added: “There are a number absent across the school, mostly in year 8, who have tested positive.

“The number corresponds to less than five per cent of the school population.

“BCP and PHE are confident that we are doing all that we need to at present.”