BCP Council have said they have been “inundated” with suggestions for their draft seafront strategy.

As part of their public consultation, staff from the council visited Mudeford Quay in Christchurch and Poole Quay on consecutive days on Tuesday September 14 and Wednesday September 15.

People are being encouraged to suggest ways in which to improve amenities and facilities along the 40 miles of coastline across Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole through additional investment and projects.

Members of Callum Baker-Osborne’s family were also in attendance campaigning for more safety measures to be put in place at Rockley Point, one of the 18 ‘character sites’ suggested by the council.

Bournemouth Echo: BCP Council hosted a public engagement event at Poole Quay on Wednesday September 15 as part of their seafront strategy survey

Destination development manager for BCP Council Andrew Emery said: “We have been inundated with suggestions. So far, we have had around 160 different ideas covering the whole area, some from visitors to the area as well.

“Nothing is off the table; we have had a lot of suggestions already and we hope to get many, many more.

“We could spend hundreds and hundreds, but it is about understanding the pressures, priorities and investment opportunities in each area.

“It is important we are investing in that but more importantly investing sustainably and in areas that residents agree with. We don’t want any area overlooked.”

The council are also hosting another roadshow event on Wednesday September 22 from 4.30pm to 6.30pm at Bournemouth's Pier Approach.

Portfolio holder for tourism, leisure and culture Cllr Mohan Iyengar said: “We have had some great suggestions, but I am aware that some of the best ideas probably won’t come until later on, when summer is over, and we reflect on what has happened this year.

“I want to ensure people that the absolute gems of ideas that are submitted after the deadline will be considered.

“It doesn’t have to be about the most ground-breaking or gobsmacking idea. Some of the best suggestions we have seen so far are the most simplistic or, in some places, no development at all.”

When the consultation period finishes on September 26, the council say they will bring together all of the suggested ideas and review them in October and present a strategy at the end of the year.

Bournemouth Echo: BCP Council hosted a public engagement event at Poole Quay on Wednesday September 15 as part of their seafront strategy survey

At the public event, chairman of the Poole Quay Forum praised the council for their community engagement, adding that the quay should be an area of focus for investment.

He added: “The idea of a consultation like this is excellent. I am encouraged by the way the council have gone about this, by getting out onto the street and engaging with residents and visitors to the area to get their views.

“We are particularly interested in the Poole Quay area. It is an important part do the area and one of the key tourist attractions.

“Nothing has been done to it for around 20 years apart from the improvements to the sea wall. We would like to see some more development here but not ruining what is already here.”

Across the road from the pop-up roadshow was a peaceful protest from family and friends of Callum Baker-Osborne, who died whilst swimming off of Rockley Point on Friday, July 30.

Bournemouth Echo: Family and friends of Callum Baker-Osborne attended the council’s public engagement event to campaign for better safety provisions and signage at Rockley Park

Under the seafront strategy, Callum’s twin brother Ryan said that he would like to see more safety provisions at the site and better signage at the seafront location in Poole.

“There needs to be more safety measures for families at Rockley Point. If it is a beach, you would expect there to be lifeguards, flags or at least more signage to say you are going into the water at your own risk,” he added.

“Every bit of water is dangerous, but that part is the only place we have experienced and had issues with. We want families to know how dangerous it is.

“I am aware that the council are looking at improving areas of the seafront but I think that, following what happened to Callum and having heard other stories of people who have had similar incidents there, something needs to be done about Rockley Point.”