DOM WHITING is a DJ who mixes music live all while riding a bike around various towns and cities across the UK, and last week he came to Bournemouth.

The 25-year-old visited the BCP conurbation on Sunday September 12, for what he says was ‘one of his best’ rides yet.

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Mr Whiting started DJing several years ago, but started mixing on his bike during lockdown when he “could not go out anywhere,” and has picked up tens of thousands of followers on social media since from live streaming his rides.

He told the Daily Echo: “Bournemouth was a really good one, better than we expected. I never know how many people will turn up.


Bournemouth Echo: Dom Whiting on his music-mixing bike ride through Bournemouth, pictures from Dom Whiting

“But, it was one of the best and busiest routes, and it was nice to end at Boscombe Pier.”

The DJ has accumulated over 60,000 followers on Facebook, previously riding in the likes of Manchester, London, Bristol and prior to Bournemouth in Blackpool.

His ride on the South Coast has been months in the making, having originally planned to come in the height of summer, but cycling restrictions stopped him.

He said: “It was organised two months ago but we could not ride on the prom then. It was nice to come by the beach.

“It’s all about getting people out and getting people listening to music because there are so many variants. We get all types of people coming along including families and even animals.”

The Buckinghamshire resident describes his unique bike rides while mixing music as a ‘moving festival,’ with them often attracting hundreds of people following him on bikes.

Bournemouth Echo: Dom Whiting on his music-mixing bike ride through Bournemouth as it ended at Bosocmbe Pier pictures from Dom Whiting

“I did not think it would pick-up as much interest as it seems to have, hopefully it will continue,” Mr Whiting said.

“I’ve been DJing around events in my town before lockdown, now here we are on the bike.”

So far the Bournemouth ride has racked up over 63,000 views on Facebook alone.

On the video Mr Whiting can be seen playing a variety of electronic music having started his ride at Kings Park around 2pm.

From there, the collective made their way through Boscombe and down into Bournemouth.

Continuing with the ride the group can be seen making their way through the gardens, down to Pier Approach and along the seafront along towards Boscombe.

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Dorset Police confirmed they had received reports of the large group of cyclists at 2.18pm in Christchurch Road, near the Bus Station.

The force said officers did attend to assist with road safety, but left the scene around 3pm with no offences reported.

Mr Whiting added: “I just want to add my thanks to Bournemouth for a really good ride, one of the best.”