AFTER a sunny week let's take a look at what the weather has in store for Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole this weekend.

The forecast is looking pretty lack-luster this weekend with plenty of cloud and a day of drizzle on Sunday. 

Although the weather isn't looking that great there are a lot of events taking place this weekend to keep your spirits up.

In today's outlook, Friday, September 17, the cloud has quickly rolled in after what was a beautiful blue-sky morning. 

We can expect a little glimpse of sunshine into the late afternoon and early evening before the cloud descends - the maximum temperature will be 19C today in Bournemouth. 

Saturday will start off cloudy but it is expected to turn brighter through the day.

There is a chance of rain and more stormy weather on Sunday which is expected to lift by Monday which is looking bright and sunny.

Here's the Met Office forecast, obviously this may be subject to change:

Friday, September 17

10am – cloudy, 17c

1pm – cloudy with sunny intervals, 18c

4pm – cloudy, 19c

7pm – sunny, 18c

10pm – cloudy, 17c

Saturday, September 18

7am – cloudy, 16c

10am – cloudy with sunny intervals, 19c

1pm – cloudy with sunny intervals, 20c

4pm – cloudy with sunny intervals, 20c

7pm – cloudy, 18c

10pm – cloudy, 18c

Sunday, September 19

7am – cloudy with a chance of rain, 15c

10am – cloudy, 16c

1pm – cloudy, 18c

4pm – cloudy with a chance of rain, 18c

7pm – cloudy with a chance of rain, 16c

10pm – cloudy, 14c

What are your plans this weekend? Let us know in the comments.