POLICE seized a miniature motorbike in Christchurch late on Wednesday evening following reports of antisocial driving in the area.

Officers from the neighbourhood policing team were carrying out patrols in Christchurch and Highcliffe.

At 10pm on September 8, a KTM mini moto brandished in Red Bull logos was confiscated by police after the rider was found to have committed a number of driving offences.

Police also took actions against the driver and passenger of a car seen to be driving erratically and doing doughnuts with passengers hanging out of the vehicle.

A police spokesman said: “NPT officers, in conjunction with BCP Council CCTV, conducted patrols targeting antisocial driving in the Christchurch area.

“This was in response to an overwhelming number of reports from the public of such behaviour.

“At around 10pm, the pictured Minimoto was seized from a rider in the Cliffhanger Car Park, Highcliffe, and the rider was reported for a number of Road Traffic Act offences.

“A further car was found to be engaged in antisocial driving and the driver and passenger were dealt with accordingly.

“The car was witnessed driving in circles at speed with the persons in question hanging out of the window.

“NPT will be continuing to monitor the situation and challenge such behaviour whenever possible.”