DOES anyone in Ringwood believe that by having three lanes from the Salisbury Road flyover to the Verwood turning, to create a longer slip road into Bournemouth, will make any difference and be safer?

There will still be tailbacks to Picket Post and possibly Cadman.

Presumably also for traffic coming from the Fordingbridge direction.

Now that West Street is closed off, more traffic will try to enter the A31 at the flyover.

I should have thought an extension of that slip road towards the church was all that is necessary.

But what do I know. I have only lived here all of my life. Unlike, the decision makers.

Years ago, I pointed out the rusty condition of the road bridge at Holmsley (A35).

Hampshire Highways reported back, saying they inspected the bridge and thought it safe.

Recently, they reinforced the existing bridge. Only now, to have that demolished, and a new bridge constructed in its place.

Should they had done that, years ago.

When I reported the condition of the existing bridge, we the taxpayer, might have saved a lot of money.


Burley, Ringwood