THE owners of the plane that crashed at the Bournemouth Air Festival will be part of the investigation, it has been confirmed.

The biplane that crashed at Sandbanks near the chain ferry on Saturday, September 4, has been recovered from the water and the circumstances will now be investigated. 

A spokesperson for the Air Accidents Investigation Branch said: "The AAIB was informed of an incident on Saturday afternoon and has launched an investigation into the circumstances. 

"The AAIB has granted permission for the aircraft to be moved to enable further examination by the owners and maintenance organisation as part of the process of conducting the investigation.

"The investigation is a correspondence investigation and the report is likely to be published in the next few months."

The 1940s Boeing 'Super Stearman' plane crashed at 3.52pm on Saturday on the way back to its base after performing at the Bournemouth Air Festival.

Both of the people onboard, the pilot and the wingwalker, escaped to safety and were discharged from hospital on Sunday, September 5.

Flying at the Air Festival resumed on Sunday for the final day of displays.