THE wingwalkers biplane crashed just metres from the Sandbanks chain ferry crossing before sinking. 

Chain ferry boss, Jason Dutoit has said he is ‘thankful’ the plane didn’t crash into the ferry and that no one has been seriously injured. 

He said: “Thankfully it didn’t involve the ferry, it was just off to the side and as far as I’m concerned people on the plane escaped with minor injuries. 

“We had to suspend service briefly whilst the police cordoned off the area because they want to do an investigation. 

Bournemouth Echo:

Sandbanks chain ferry was temporarily closed.

“So we assisted where we could and placed the ferry where we were instructed to and they really quickly decided that we could get under way again. 

“Thankfully there wasn’t much of a disruption to our customers and no one was seriously injured so we’re happy about that. 

“The police were fantastic, they were really well organised and made decisions really quickly so we’re really happy for the speed that they let us resume  service.”

Police have confirmed both occupants of the plane were rescued and reportedly sustained minor injuries. Paramedics were on the scene to provide medical assistance.

Bournemouth Air Festival organisers have issued an update statement suspending flying for the evening. 

The festival organisers are planning to reinstate the display programme tomorrow and the site remains open, fireworks will also continue.