THE PARACHUTERS for the Tigers Army Parachute Display Team have lauded their first experience of the Bournemouth Air Festival, saying “it is just a great atmosphere”.

One of the British Army's premier display teams wowed crowds down on Bournemouth beach with the first of their jumps on Thursday evening.

The team will be doing three more jumps over the Bournemouth Air Festival, with two night jumps tonight and Saturday night before their final display on Sunday afternoon.

Private William Sims, part of the media team who joined the team two years ago, said: “So all three of us, this is our first year at Bournemouth Air Festival.

“We have heard really really big things about it, and it is supposed to be one of our best displays so far and it has shown up to be that so far.”

Bournemouth Echo:

Display jumper Lance Corporal Anthony Hyland added: “It is just a great atmosphere here.

“Just walking down to the beach to see where the landing area was, we were getting stopped and there are loads of people who are fully aware of who we are and what we do, and it is really nice to see people who are interested come up to you.”

Having had their display events cancelled last year due to the ongoing pandemic, members of the Tigers Army Parachute Display Team were redeployed within the army to help with relief effects, meaning that their training ah dot be put on hold.

Pte Sims said: “Obviously, we still had to try and keep up with our training within parachuting but, where we were needed within Covid areas.

“We also went to Folkstone and worked there for a couple fop weeks doing Covid testing for truckers coming in and out of the country.

“So, we did have to step back from our parachuting for a little bit and just help with the normal army to do with Covid.”

However, having restarted their training in April ahead of a busy events calendar this year, the parachuters say they are happy to be back out performing in front of large crowds.

Bournemouth Echo:

LCpl Hyland said: “It is amazing, it makes it all worthwhile. All the training, all the early mornings and late nights, all the bits in the background that people don’t see – it all pays off when you are displaying into an arena like that. It is fantastic.

“I think they are all as exciting as each other to be honest with you but what made it a bit better in a way was the fact that it was on a beach, the crowd is a little bit bigger and the atmosphere.

“Seeing all of the planes, the fighter jets and stuff and the Red Arrows and just being a part of all of that, its mega.”

Pte Sims added: “Yesterday, after we jumped, we were rounding up our kit and exited the PLA area and we were bombarded by all the people and all the fans.

“It was just an amazing feeling really because people were speaking to us, asking us loads of questions, wanting pictures, and it was just a great vibe really.”

Tigers Army Parachute Display Team also offer peopel to opportunity to do a tandem skydive with the team. To find outn more, click here.