PETS are an integral part of our lives, so they deserve to be in the spotlight.

This week, in our weekly Pets feature, we say hello to an Instagram famous cat and a treat-loving pooch, amongst many more perfect pets.

Kitty, the aptly named moggy, has over 1,000 followers on Instagram and loves sharing her adventures with the online world.

Bournemouth Echo: Kitty the Instagram famous moggy Kitty the Instagram famous moggy

Owner Paige Lee said: "Kitty loves to play with her little ladybug, going on adventures to the beach in her backpack and taking photos for her Instagram. She is great company and she loves a cuddle, playing and just being with her humans."

Debra Willis introduced us to "double trouble" Nipper and Yeti, and Kat Meade shared Mia the cat with us.

Brothers Obi and Einstein love food and, according to owner Sarah Tanner, are very prompt when it comes to their dinner time.

Bournemouth Echo: Brothers Obi and EinsteinBrothers Obi and Einstein

Nine-month-old Springer Spaniel Lenny from Bournemouth is also quite fond about food and loves to hunt for treats.

Owner Sabrina McGuire said: "We hide the treats and he finds them. Lenny is the most loving boy who gives the best cuddles."

Autumn is rescue dog Freya's favourite season as she enjoys "eating the fallers from the pear tree."

Bournemouth Echo: Freya, a Romanian rescue dogFreya, a Romanian rescue dog

British Shorthair cat Mr Pudding is a lover of adventure and cardboard boxes.

Owner Amy Gray said: "He loves any cardboard boxes and tries to fit in any size. There have been a few times he has climbed on the roof of our house or a big tree and has been too scared to come down. So, my partner has had to help him."

Bournemouth Echo: Mr Pudding Mr Pudding

Unlike Mr Pudding, Alderholt cat Bob has a more laidback approach to life and enjoys eating and sleeping in comfort.

James Morgan shared black Labrador Retriever Otis with us, who loves cuddles and is very loyal.

Bournemouth Echo: Otis the black Labrador RetrieverOtis the black Labrador Retriever

Last but not least we introduce Hungarian Vizslas Albert and Annika.

Owner Simon Hearn said: "They both love the beach and to play together. I love how much joy they bring me, and how much they make me laugh."

Bournemouth Echo: Albert and Annika, Hungarian VizslasAlbert and Annika, Hungarian Vizslas

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