A LIFEBOAT crew were called out to two back-to-back shouts including a motorboat and jet ski rescue. 

Poole lifeboat was launched just before 4.30pm on Tuesday, August 24 and went to the aid of a person on a motorboat having a medical episode. 

The lifeboat made contact with the motorboat as it entered the Port of Poole Marina. A couple of crew members went aboard the vessel to assess the casualty and administer casualty care, whilst the lifeboat radioed for an ambulance to attend the marina.

Once the ambulance arrived on scene, the lifeboat transferred the casualty across into the care of the ambulance crew and stood down.

Volunteers from Poole Coastguard Rescue Team and Southbourne Coastguard had also been tasked.

The lifeboat returned to station, was washed down and made ready for service by 6pm.

Three hours later the D Class was requested to launch at 9pm to reports of a jet ski, still attached to its trailer with one person onboard in the Whitley Lake area.

Poole Coastguard Rescue Team had been tasked to help the jet skier earlier, but as the jet skier was approximately 200 meters offshore, the Coastguards were struggling to communicate and requested that the lifeboat crew attend.

When the D class arrived they found the person was okay but concerned about leaving his jet ski and trailer. After some discussion, the person was taken ashore to the waiting Coastguards.

The jet ski and trailer were by now partially floating and with a risk of it becoming a danger to navigation on the rising tide the lifeboat crew attached a tow to the trailer and jet ski and towed it to shallow water.

Once in the shallows, a line from Poole Coastguard Rescue Team was tied onto the trailer and with some pulling, the jet ski and trailer were recovered.

The lifeboat returned to station, after refueling and a wash down it was made ready for service by 10:30pm.

This takes the total of callouts so far this year for the volunteers at Poole to 94.