A MOTHER described her son as a “pure soul” and has issued a warning to other families following the 13-year-old’s death from a suspected drug overdose.

Mehmet Altun died in Bournemouth last Thursday despite the efforts of emergency services to save him.

Police were called to Columbia Road by the ambulance service, who were responding to an “extremely unwell” boy.

A post-mortem examination is yet to take place but Detective Inspector Neil Third said the force currently suspects that Mehmet died of a drugs overdose.

Paying tribute to her son, Aynur Altun said: “Mehmet was always a pure soul.

"He treated everybody the way that he wanted to be treated; with respect and joy. Just like any other child, he loved affection and attention.

“Anyone that knew him personally, whether that may be family or friend, would say that Mehmet would never hurt a living being.

“He was scared of dogs and cats and would always be by my side, at home or outside.”

Bournemouth Echo: Mehmet AltunMehmet Altun

Mehmet, who went to school in Poole and lived in Bournemouth, wanted to work as a barber once he finished his education.

Ms Altun said her only son’s life was taken as there is an “ongoing issue of drug and gang culture” among young people.

“As a mother, I am reaching out to every parent to say that we must protect our children,” she said.

“Social media is so dangerous and action must be taken to ensure that the safety of our children is our number one priority. Police can only take the appropriate measures so much.

“As parents, it is our duty to protect our children. Do not stay quiet when you witness things outside; if you see a young person that appears to be uncomfortable or worried, just approach and ask them.

“BCP is a tight community and instead of turning a blind eye on this ongoing issue, we must actively be aware and take the necessary actions for the sake of our children.”

The family has organised a peaceful protest in Bournemouth this weekend to highlight the issue of drugs in the community.

Bournemouth Echo: Mehmet AltunMehmet Altun

They said they do not want what they are having to go through to happen to any other children or families.

The demonstration is due to begin at Pier Approach on Saturday at 12pm and will travel through the Lower Gardens, ending in the Square.

Ms Altun added: “People need to understand that all children are extremely vulnerable. No matter how you raise a child, whether you spoil them with love or have a strict relationship, children are easily impressionable by outsiders. They think that they are doing their family a favour by not being honest or open about the things they get up to, the people they associate with, and the areas they hang around in.

“I plead to all young people reading this, especially teenagers, to keep your family close. Do not distance yourself from them, your family are the only ones that will ever be able to protect you.

“Please do not seek fake happiness or satisfaction by trying to get access to drugs or being involved in dangerous behaviours. It will never be worth it. You may think you have it under control but no matter how careful you think you are, this culture is not the answer or solution to any of your problems. Seek support from your family, they are the only ones to be right next to you.

“I have lost my only son, I will never be able to see him finish school, move out, have his own children, build his career.

Bournemouth Echo: Mehmet AltunMehmet Altun

"I will not be able to see him blossom into an adult, with the brightest future ahead of him. No parent should have this taken away from them.

“Let this be a warning, a sign, a reminder, to keep your loved ones closer than ever before. I would never wish this upon anyone.

“Let us prevent another young life lost by not just acknowledging, but also taking the initiative to help and protect.”

As reported, a 14-year-old boy from Bournemouth was arrested on suspicion of supplying a controlled drug of class A. He was released under investigation.