RESIDENTS in Poole say that they feel “ignored” after road closure extensions were granted despite a 68 per cent objection rate, while the council defends its position.

The decision by BCP Council to extend the closure of Darbys Lane and introduce the closure of Kingsbere Road in Oakdae has drawn the ire of residents who feel that they have not been listened to.

Oakdale resident Emma Hicks told the Daily Echo: “Local residents have objected and been ignored. Democracy doesn’t seem to exist.

“The closure of these roads was objected to by 68 per cent of local residents yet BCP Council are still going ahead with the scheme.”

Ms Hicks also raised concerns that the closures were resulting in heavier traffic on the nearby Dorchester and Pond Lane roads.

She added: “There are many objections and the feeling in the community is one of anger at these proposals and their opinions being ignored.”

However, council plans also suggested that the 68 per cent negative reaction reduced to 46 per cent after the first four weeks of the closure in 2020.

Councillor Mike Greene, cabinet member for transport and sustainability, said: "The Darbys Lane closure was introduced last year by the previous administration, without prior consultation, along with several others around BCP. When considering each of these closures, I have relied heavily on the view of local ward councillors, who should know the area they represent best.

Bournemouth Echo: Councillor Mike Green, cabinet member for transport and sustainabilityCouncillor Mike Green, cabinet member for transport and sustainability

“In this case the Oakdale Ward councillors are very strongly in favour of retaining the Darbys Lane closure.

“However, the closure has clearly not achieved all that was intended, because traffic has continued to find its way through the Oakdale area side streets using Kingsbere Road and Hennings Park Road and if we are going to look at keeping the Darbys Lane closure in place as the ward councillors want, the only real way is to introduce a further closure in Kingsbere Road. So that is what is happening for an experimental period."

According to BCP Council plans, the closure of Kingsbere Road “may prevent an alternative cut through route and may more effectively create a small Low Traffic Neighbourhood (LTN) and this may change the public view of the measure and help realise wider benefits.”

The original scheme saw the installation of a point road closure to motor traffic of Darbys Lane at its junction with A35 Wimborne Road. It is a key walking and cycling route to Poole High School, which is less than a mile away, and there are also a number of junior schools in the surrounding area.

The council says that de-trafficking Darbys Lane has created a quiet road suitable for children to cycle on.