TWO pooches who worked alongside their owners at home amid the coronavirus pandemic are among the selection of lovely pets we are sharing with you today.

Chester and Harvey are not only best friends but also brothers from the same litter.

Bournemouth Echo: Chester and Harvey working from home Chester and Harvey working from home

The pair worked at home with their owner Yvonne Cable during the three national lockdowns.

We also say hello to Zoe Louise's cat, and Mia the cat who enjoys snuggles.

Paul Ashby shared a photo of his cat Toto the toothless moggie whose favourite toy is her owner's headphones, despite having plenty of cat-friendly toys herself.

Bournemouth Echo: Toto the MoggieToto the Moggie

Five-month-old miniature Poodle Merlin loves learning new tricks according to owner Sharon Gledhill.

She said: "Merlin steps up onto the step and then does a full circle on it. He is really affectionate, but also very cheeky stealing my shoes."

Bournemouth Echo: Merlin the miniature PoodleMerlin the miniature Poodle

Mia, also known by her racing name Genevieve's Legacy, has been described by owner Ann Barwick as "affectionate, playful and feisty."

Say hello to Marie Glen's feathered friend Stan the Budgie.

Bournemouth Echo: Stan the BudgieStan the Budgie

Stan loves to swing on his swing in time to his favourite tunes.

Marie said: "Although he is noisy, he is great company. He cheers me up when I'm feeling down."

Short-haired moggie Tamsin is a fan of eating, sleeping and annoying birds!

Bournemouth Echo: Tamsin the short haired MoggieTamsin the short haired Moggie

Despite this, owner Susan Blair says she is very affectionate, but also a "bit of a nutter."

Bournemouth Burmese cats Gio and Dolce love snuggling up together.

Bournemouth Echo: Burmese cats Gio and DolceBurmese cats Gio and Dolce

Owner Helen Garton said: "They love human company so are always in the same room as us (usually on our laps)."

Last but not least we give a warm welcome to Peachy queen, a British Shorthair from Christchurch.

Bournemouth Echo: Peachy queen the British shorthairPeachy queen the British shorthair

Peachy enjoys catching some sunshine in the garden and making her owner Lauren laugh.

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