OVER the last eighteen months a small group of volunteers from St Peters church, the Bournemouth Rotary Club, local residents and homeless people have struggled to clear three-and-a-half acres of land to bring it back to an area where the public and wildlife can enjoy and now feel safe.

A lot of hard work and effort has gone into this project as well as various donations.

We cleared all the scrub, planted twelve thousand bulbs, five thousand pounds of plants and ten cherry trees.

Everything has been sponsored and planted with tender loving care.

We took on a consultant who helped us in the resurrection of our gardens.

We put all our faith in Jane (the parish warden) who has given so much of her expensive time for free.

We have offered the homeless food, help with accommodation, and friendship which they have appreciated.

They were invited and accepted to various functions at no cost to themselves.

They have been a credit to give their help, no matter how small or large. The homeless who are rock bottom but feel they can give a little back to the community. We are grateful for any help we can get.

Now today we find that morons of the first degree have destroyed two of our cherry trees at a cost of £500 each.

These useless people have destroyed, but not broken our spirit. Sadly the authorities will do nothing.

We have applied for help with CCTV. Maybe this will help our cause.


Virginia Close, Verwood