A DISTRAUGHT family have had to pay £1,500 in vet bills after their cat was shot in the eye with a ball bearing.

Police were notified of the incident, which took place in Poole on Thursday, July 15, between 3pm and 4pm.

It is believed that the three-year-old black cat was targeted with a catapult or slingshot in the daylight incident.

A police spokesman said: “We received a report at around 1pm on Friday July 16 from a resident in Chalbury Close that a cat had been shot in eye with what was believed to be a pellet.

“It was reported that the incident had occurred between 3pm and 4pm on Thursday July 15 and the cat was receiving veterinary treatment.

“Officers have carried out enquiries into this incident. No arrests have been made at this stage.”

The cat, whose name is Minnie, was left with very serious injuries after being shot through the eye with a 12mm ball bearing, resulting in the loss of her right eye and a fractured eye socket.

Minnie’s owner said: “Someone fired a steel ball bearing straight into her eye. We are very upset by this. We were left with a £1,500 vet bill and two very upset children.

“This cat maybe all someone has in their life and people think it’s acceptable to take that away.

Minnie was treated at Natterjacks Vets in Poole where she underwent the procedure to remove her eye and had to be tube-fed for a week.

“I have no interest in who did this, but I just want to spread the word on how this will not be tolerated and how it can affect kids and elderly people,” the owner added.

“We are positive it was a sling shot that fired a ball bearing that size. I know there have been one or two incidents around here lately with sling shots so maybe it’s linked.”