DISABLED cricketer Rob Franks has secured his greatest ever run chase after raising £12,500 to buy a prosthetic blade.

Rob, 42, can now sprint between the wickets when batting, run into bowl and chase after the ball in the field thanks to the new device.

Rob, from Poole, had his left leg amputated above the knee three years ago after suffering an injury while playing a match.

Complications from surgery left him in agony for several years afterwards prompting the decision to remove the limb.

Although he was able to resume playing cricket thanks to an electric prosthetic knee and leg, he required another batsman at the crease to do his running.

He also couldn't chase the ball to the boundary.

Now the dad-of-two has acquired a running blade, a sports knee and a socket similar to those worn by Paralympic athletes that is not available on the NHS.

Rob set up a crowdfunding page to raise the money to buy it and received donations from 551 cricket fans from across the world including former England captain Michael Atherton.

Rob is believed to be the first above-knee amputee in Britain to play cricket with a running blade.

So far he has played three games for Dorset team Parley 2nd XI with it and was delighted to take two wickets in his first game.

Rob said: "I had a bit of a wobble when I first tried it but it took me about 15 minutes before I was up and running again.

"I bowl off-spin and in my first game with it I was able to run in off eight paces whereas before it was a standing start.

"Because of that I can get extra pace and I took two wickets for 25 runs which I was delighted with.

"It also means that I can also field in different positions because I can chase after the ball rather than just stand close in.

"I bat low down the order so I haven't had to bat with it yet but in the nets it gives me a lot more movement for shots.

"The response I had from the crowdfunding was unreal. It took me less than two months to get the funding. I have been blown away by it.

As well as cricket, Rob also hopes to resume jogging to keep fit and help his mental health.

He said: "I've not been able to run and that has seriously affected my mental and physical health.

"This will give me my life back."