A BOURNEMOUTH student has gone from not knowing a word of English to now being accepted into Oxford University in just nine years.

Marty Hardy, 18, moved to England from Italy with her family in 2012 at the age of nine.

When she first arrived in the country, she attended Winton Primary School for the remainder of her primary school years.

Marty’s mum Tiara said: “I moved to England nine years ago, speaking very little English, with my three children. My eldest was then nine years old, she did not speak a word of English either.

“Marty came over just after her father and I. It was quite difficult for her in the beginning as she left school halfway through.

“She was having to use Google Translate and carry around a dictionary with her just to talk to her friends. She was given extra English lessons but after a year or so, her English was very good.”

Having attended Parkfield School and Poole High, Marty achieved good GCSE grades which allowed her to attend Twynham School’s sixth form.

After securing two A*s and an A at A-level, Marty is now off to read psychology and linguistics at the University of Oxford.

Marty said: “It was a really special day. It was a nervous wait as the UCAS website wouldn’t load but I couldn’t believe my grades when I saw them.

“The teacher assessed grades was definitely different than exams. Exams are a one-off thing and if that goes badly, then you are stuck with it.

“Having grades assessed this way means that teachers can look at students over the whole year which I think is fairer.

“I have just been looking at the information provided by Oxford University about what to bring with me and I’m already getting ready to pack up everything and move there.”

Marty also has a TEFL qualification and hopes to become an English teacher in the future.