AN AWARD-winning internet service provider is rolling ultrafast fibre broadband across Dorset as part of a £250 million investment.

Jurassic Fibre says that the investment will cover 360,000 premises across the South West, with coverage in Dorset, Somerset and Devon.

Matthew Galley, head of partnerships, said: “The south west’s tourism industry is, and has always been, a huge part of the region’s economy.

“With the increased demand and pressure on tourism in the region following a surge in staycations driven by the pandemic, many businesses need extra support.

“Mobile signal is often patchy in the south west so providing connectivity through fibre broadband supports areas and tourist destinations without mobile coverage.

“By providing Fibre-to-the-Premises broadband, people can connect through WiFi and get by without mobile signal.

He added: “When we go to the beach, restaurants, or shopping, we expect to be connected all the time. Anyone with children knows that the first question they ask is ‘where’s the WiFi code?’

“This connectivity promotes tourism and businesses in the south west, and boosts the whole region."

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