TODAY is all about your fabulous feline friends as we put five cute cats in the spotlight.

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Bournemouth cat Mila loves to sleep and watch birds through the window.

Bournemouth Echo: Mila the cat Mila the cat

Steve Holloway’s Maine Coon Logan (see above) is “about the size of a small dog” and enjoys dipping his paws in bath water.

Say hello to lovely Lily, Karin Gregory’s rescue cat from Romania.

Bournemouth Echo: Rescue cat Lily Rescue cat Lily

Karin said: “Lily loves playing in the garden where she chases all the insects, and pounces on anything that moves! Lily is very loving and playful, she's a joy to have around.”

Moggies Squib and Smudge certainly prove that opposites attract!

Bournemouth Echo: Squib and Smudge Squib and Smudge

Owner Caroline said: “They're complete opposites as one a laid back princess while the other is a complete nutcase.”

Finally, we introduce you Duchess, a white Chinchilla Persian cat who was born without eyes.

Despite this, owner Brenda says that she does have “super hearing and sense of smell.”

Bournemouth Echo: Duchess, a white Chinchilla Persian cat Duchess, a white Chinchilla Persian cat

She said: “Duchess acts just like a regular cat, she's full of character.

“She loves music and dancing in circles and loves the smell of toothpaste, it has a catnip effect.”

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