LAST week news broke of Boscombe beach being cleared following lifeguards spotting ‘large marine life’ in the water.

Since then a local IT company director has shown the Echo a video he captured of some “absolutely beautiful sharks” at Hengistbury Head and a family on holiday at Durdle Door had a close encounter with what they believe was similar marine life.

Bournemouth is, of course, a popular tourist town and with it being the midst of summer an influx of visitors are in the area making the most of the sandy beaches.

With news of the ‘large marine life’ making headlines the Echo decided to speak to tourists at Boscombe beach about what they thought of the recent events and if it has made them think twice going into the water.

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Jackie Mickleright, who is on holiday from the West Midlands, told the Echo it wasn’t a concern to her.

She said: “It doesn’t worry me at all because there is no definite sighting. I’d go out swimming there if it was a bit warmer, definitely. Maybe tomorrow.”

Ms Mickleright was on a break with two of her friends, one of them was Tracey Murphy who speaking with the Echo said: “I was initially a little bit concerned when I saw it, but when it didn't develop into anything as a definite sighting (of a shark) I thought you can’t cancel something on a possibility, so I carried on.”

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One holidaymaker visiting with his family from Buckinghamshire was more eager to get into the water to get a sight of the elusive ‘sea creature’.

Dylan Henderson said: “I’ve always wanted to see a shark and it's my mission to see it (while I’m here). It’s definitely not put me off going into the water.”

His sister Mollie Henderson wasn’t quite so keen to get in the sea, she told the Echo: “I do not want to be in the water, both because of the rumour of sharks and it being cold.”

Lea Ghataore, on the last day of her family break from London, wasn’t as concerned.

Speaking with the Echo said: “I wasn’t thinking it was scary because I wasn’t here when it happened.

“No (its not put me going in the water), I’ve even forgotten about it because when you see people (in the sea) you just go for it.”

Carly Bell, holidaying in Bournemouth from Surrey, seemed was more cautious. She said to the Echo: “I was surprised (when I heard the news), I think I’m only prepared to paddle now rather than go for a swim. I’d be particularly cautious.”

However, not all the tourists were so wary. In fact, some had not even heard of the news of the ‘mystery sea creature’.

Nathan King from Fleet said: “I wasn’t aware of it but I’d still go swimming if it warms up a bit.”

“I want to say I’m shocked but the ocean is such a big place it's hard to be surprised with such a big thing we know so little about.”