The letter you published from Chris Colledge highlights the problem with GPs. By definition they are General Practitioners.

I have had a similar problem with the medical centre who looks after me. I am 76, have a pacemaker and therefore am lucky to have yearly regular checks with the practice nurse and Poole Hospital.

I had letters sent by a computer telling me that I needed to book an appointment at my doctor surgery. No dice there. I finally made an appointment by walking up to the surgery that was not logged in. So no consultation with the nurse happened. I had made an effort to go to the surgery, only having to walk home again.

I can understand that looking after people with ongoing medical problems has been difficult because of lockdown.

However, after 18 months I went for a check up, bloods, weight etc. The nurse was efficient and thorough.

Chris Colledge’s concerns just highlight what is happening in the community.

Come on doctors, admit some failures and either up your game or get out of the playground. You have had it too good for too long.

Susie Dean

St James Close, Poole