DORSET is home to a whole variety of tourist attractions from brilliant architectural sites to stunning landscape locations - and plenty of them.

However, while there are loads of places to visit, not everywhere is fortunate to face the test of time for whatever reason that may be.

While there certainly has been a fair share of places that seemed destined to go, like a certain Imax building, there were plenty that hold a special place in residents and tourists’ hearts.

So we’ve asked Echo readers to let us know the attraction they’d like to bring back most from Dorset’s past and here is a collection of some of the suggestions.

This one was certainly a more popular place to visit around Pier Approach.

Pier Approach Baths

Bournemouth Echo: ATTRACTION: Bournemouth’s Pier Approach Baths. Picture courtesy Bournemouth Libraries Heritage Collection

Beautiful, stylish 1930s building, full of brass, mahogany and ceramic tiles... and Turkish Baths.

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The Shell House

Bournemouth Echo: shell2 - pic by Richard Crease - demolition work taking place at the ' Shell House' on Southbourne Overcliff Drive in Southbourne

Started by George Howard in 1948 in memory of his lost son Michael, this house certainly caught the eye.

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Merley Bird Gardens

Bournemouth Echo:

The grounds of Merley Court holiday park, near Wimborne, used to house some different guests.

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The Pier Theatre

Bournemouth Echo:

"I remember an amazing production of 'Allo 'Allo! with the original cast, fantastic."

Icetrax at Tower Park

Bournemouth Echo:

There’s been talk of bringing a new ice rink to town, but could it beat this one?

"Speed skating around the upper, outside bit and slopes to go down to the disco part. Best rink ever."

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The swimming pool with the wave machine at the BIC

Bournemouth Echo:

Remember when the BIC housed a different attraction?

Westover Ice Rink

Bournemouth Echo: Westover ice rink closure - January 6, 1991.

Ice rinks seem to be dearly missed.


Bournemouth Echo:

The attraction in Christchurch best known for its model village, but was destroyed in 1986.

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Poole Park railway 

Bournemouth Echo:

This may be the only one that is planned to come back on this list, with its return delayed due to the pandemic.

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The Bournemouth Balloon in the Lower Gardens

Bournemouth Echo:

The Bournemouth skyline has not looked the same since.

If there are any former attractions you’d like to see make a return in Dorset that we’ve missed or perhaps share your memories of the ones we’ve included, let us know in the comments?