SWIMMERS were ordered out of the water after an ‘unidentified sea creature’ was spotted at Boscombe beach.

As reported by the Daily Echo, lifeguards called people out of the water at around 1pm on Wednesday, August 4.

The RNLI has since confirmed to the Echo that there had been sightings of “large marine life’.

Bournemouth Echo:

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A spokesperson for the charity said: “There were sightings of large marine life at Boscombe beach.

“The situation is being closely monitored by RNLI lifeguards who are asking visitors to stay away from the water and have put up red flags.”

The RNLI added: “RNLI lifeguards flagged the beaches for a short period of time to investigate reports received of unidentified marine life.

“We still have no confirmation of what the creature was, and everyone going into the sea should enjoy it but, as always, respect the water and exercise an appropriate level of caution, including keeping around 200 metres from marine life for your and their safety."

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Bournemouth Echo:

Swimmers have been advised to speak to lifeguards for advice about returning to the water.

A witness on the beach at the time told the Echo: “There were some splashes in the water and the lifeguards said they hadn't seen anything like it in 35 years.

“It was said over the tannoy that there was sea life in the water, so everyone was called out and the lifeguards went up and down on a jet ski.

“Half an hour, to an hour later everyone was still out of the water when they put the red and yellow flags up and said that you could go back in the water but you might be called out at any time.”

Bournemouth Echo:

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Following the incident, the beach was temporarily closed with a red flag raised in place of a red and yellow one.

The beach was then reopened half an hour later after lifeguards searched the area for half an hour but could not find anything.

BCP Council was also made aware of the situation and said the closure was only a precautionary measure.

A spokesperson for the authority said: “We were made aware by the RNLI that they temporarily closed the beach at Boscombe as a precautionary measure whilst an inspection was carried out in the area.

"The beach is now open again for people to enjoy.”