THE time has come for national and local leaders to call out the carbon-pushers still keen to inflict their damaging products on the rest of us.

Harriet Stewart-Jones (Letters, Tues) highlights BCP’s pitiful lack of ambition and their failure to incentivise and motivate residents, most of whom she points out are keen to do the right thing.

What a pity our Prime Minister in his enthusiastic crackdown on crime has forgotten to chain-gang and hi-viz the perpetrators of planetary vandalism.

Those for whom avoiding our global incineration tragedy is not a top priority.

BCP’s frightening Climate Report of November 24 should be published, explained and acted on with focused determination so that we can all help fend off the worst and be prepared for what it’s now too late to change.

Then “what did you do in the Great Warming, daddy?” will not be faced by an embarrassed silence as BCP remembers it had negligently left off inter-generational inequality from its Equality Agenda.


Parkwood Road, Southbourne