WETHERSPOONS has grown into an icon of modern British pub life and whether you love it or hate it, we've all been partial to one of their cheap pints.

From bargain booze to budget-friendly meals for the family, Wetherspoons have a lot to offer and that's probably why they're so popular. 

Across Dorset there are 13 Wetherspoons pubs, and what people love more than a 'spoons is leaving a review of the pub after their visit. 

Thanks to Google Reviews we can see which Dorset Wetherspoons have the highest (and lowest) ratings, from previous cutomers.

To save you the hassle, we've sorted through all of the reviews of Dorset's Wetherspoons. Here's the best and worst: 

1. The Moon in the Square, Bournemouth - 4.2 out of 5,308 reviews

Bournemouth Echo:

Picture by Richard Crease 18/12/07 bMoonsq3 for Taste - The Moon in the Square in Bournemouth.

The best rated Wetherspoons in the county is the town centre pub, The Moon in the Square in Bournemouth.

One happy customer said: "The breakfast (beans, toast, bacon, egg, tomato and sausage) was good."

Another liked the atmosphere and the lack of music: "Nice atmosphere and no music. Reasonable price for food and drinks in a good location."

The staff all seem to please customers too, despite the pubs busy nature. One review said: "Very good service by all the staff and the food was delivered quickly and hot."

2. The Mary Shelley, Bournemouth - 4.1 out of 2,653 reviews

The second best Wetherspoons is another Bournemouth favourite, The Mary Shelley.

Despite having to queue to get inside, one cutomer said: "Great once in. Had to wait in a big queue though. Nice and spacious with a wide menu for all tastes. 

Another said: "Great location, prices of drinks and food spot on, couldn't fault the place."

Again, the service has been raved about in the reviews:"Table service via the app is quick, even on a busy Saturday night."

3. The Man in the Wall, Wimborne - 4.1 out of 1,424 reviews 

Bournemouth Echo:

The Man in the Wall - Google Images

Wimborne's The Man in the Wall takes third place with 4.1 stars out of 1,424 reviews.

One customer said: “Good place for breakfast, it can be a bit noisy good service food good."

Another said: "A lot busier than the Night Jar in the neighbouring town of Ferndale.

"I ordered from the table, (because no bar service at the moment) a pint of Shipyard for £2.49. Some nice pieces on the wall too. Certainly worth a visit."

4. The Royal Oak, Dorchester - 4.1 out of 1,213 reviews

The Royal Oak in Dorchester is a great place for the whole family, according to reviews.

One customer said: "Excellent food at very good price! Can order with table service or the app and the food arrives so, so quick!

"Can sit inside or outside. Visited the day we went on holiday and found food so good that we just had to visit again on our way home from the holiday too."

5. The William Henry, Weymouth - 4.0 out of 2,121 reviews

With four out of five stars The William Henry is the fifth best Wetherspoons in the county. 

"Service was quick food cooked perfectly and the staff are warm and welcoming," said one happy customer.

Another said: "Friendly atmosphere, decent food at good prices, fair selection of beers."

6. The Quay, Poole - 4.0 out of 2,623 reviews

With a whopping 2,632 reviews The Quay in Poole has a rating of four stars.

Again, good food and service is often spoken about in the reviews, though their tables could be cleaned slightly quicker according to one customer.

They sid: "Great food, great choice of drinks, just the tables need cleaning a bit quicker."

Another said: "Wonderful food and service, can't beat the price and food quality."

7. The Swan, Weymouth - 4.0 out of 1,613 reviews

Bournemouth Echo:

The Swan - Google Maps

Not all reviews are shining however, with cheap prices and a run-of-the-mill menu that's usually the same across all pubs, some can be left disheartened. 

One customer at The Swan in Weymouth said:"It was awful - uncooked veg, the beef and ale pie had a burnt crust and the potato was stiff."

However, another customer said: “Good weekend in Weymouth,  good breakfast although did take 40 minutes for our drinks to come. But would visit again after 19th July!”

8. The Nightjar, Ferndown - 4.0 out of 775 reviews

With not as many reviews as some of the other pubs in the county, The Nightjar in Ferndown has a rating of four stars. 

One happy cutomer said: "Finished shopping today and we fancied something to eat, we decided to try The Nightjar and what a treat we have been missing.

"The staff were so pleasant and helpful, it was clean and offered a good choice of food which was delicious and reasonably priced." 

9. The Christopher Creeke, Bournemouth - 3.9 out of 1,706 reviews

The Christopher Creeke in Bournemouth has been given 3.9 stars out of five by customers on Google reviews.

One said: "Friendly staff, great priced beer, love this place."

Another review said: "Great service, outstanding prices on food and drinks with a friendly atmosphere!" 

10. The Blackwater Stream, Poole - 3.9 out of 1,145 reviews

In tenth place is The Blackwater Stream in Poole with 3.9 stars and 1,145 reviews. 

One customer said: "Great food, served very quickly, very friendly staff and great prices."

11. The Greyhound, Bridport - 3.9 out of 1,121 reviews 

Bournemouth Echo:

The Greyhound Bridport - Google Maps

The Greyhound in Bridport has been ranked as number 11 in Dorset with 3.9 stars.

One review said: “Great place to eat and drink although a bit short on seating ... excellent service"

Another said: "Good prices on food but had to wait to be served a long time."

12. The Lord Wimborne, Poole - 3.8 out of 1,608 reviews

The Lord Wimborne in Poole is ranked as number 12 out of 13 Wetherspoons in the county according to Google Reviews.

One previous customer said: "Good cider selection friendly staff and great service.”

Another said: “Absolutely fantastic pub, food was amazing and the location is stunning if you're lucky enough to get a table next to the window. Your view is Poole harbour with all the gorgeous boats and we felt like we were in Monte Carlo! Staff were very friendly and efficient!”

13. The Parkstone and Heatherlands, Bournemouth - 3.8 out of 946 reviews

The lowest rated Weterspoons is The Parkstone and Heatherlands in Winton.

A popular haunt with students, one customer said: “Good selection of drinks, nice decor, standard spoons quality of food."

However, another said: "Super dry chicken, massive queues, old chips and sour coffee but it's great for people watching."

Which Wetherspoons in your favourite? Let us know in the comments.