BOURNEMOUTH Airport has revealed the dates that we can expect to restart flying to a range of destinations across Europe.

The airport has announced flight dates from each airline flying out of Bournemouth.

A number of flights to a range of destinations have already recommenced since the travel ban was lifted.

However, many destinations will not be accessible from Bournemouth Airport until later in the year and flights to Ibiza will only start in May 2022.

Major airlines flying from the airport in Hurn include Ryanair, TUI and easyjet who all have a range of deals available to UK holidaymakers.

Operating now

All of the airlines stationed in Hurn are currently operating flights out of Bournemouth.

Ryanair - Faro, Krakow, Malaga, Palma, Paphos, Alicante, Mercia, Malta, Girona and Tenerife

Easyjet - Belfast, Edinburgh and Liverpool

TUI - Palma

Starting in July

TUI - Corfu, from July 23

TUI - Rhodes, from July 31

Starting in August

TUI - Antalya, from August 16

Starting in September

TUI - Menorca and Paphos, from September 1

Ryanair - Bergerac, from September 1

TUI - Zante, from September 5

TUI - Kefalonia, from September 7

TUI - Tenerife, from September 28

Starting in October

TUI - Gran Canaria, from October 4

Ryanair - Dublin, from October 31

Starting in December

Easyjet - Geneva, from December 10

Starting in May 2022

TUI - Dalaman

TUI - Ibiza

TUI - Heraklion

What are the rules for going abroad?

The Government is using a traffic light system to determine the quarantine and testing requirements for returning travellers.

Green means no quarantine and one post-arrival test, amber means a 10-day quarantine at home and two post-arrival tests, while red means hotel quarantine costing £1,750 for solo travellers.

Ministers have decided the changes to the countries on the traffic light list after looking at the analysis by the Joint Biosecurity Centre (JBC) and the wider public health situation.

The Government says the list aims to help people understand the risks to public health of travelling to different destinations. All measures will be kept under review and further action could be taken.

The Government is working on plans for quarantine-free travel from amber list countries for fully vaccinated holidaymakers which could be in place later in the summer.

Places on the green watchlist can turn to amber at short notice meaning that if you are in one of these locations when its traffic light status changes, you may have to scramble to pay for a flight home before any changes to the rules take effect.

Not all green list countries are accepting UK travellers and some may also require a test, which would add to the cost of the trip.

Before you travel abroad you must check the rules for the country or territory you are going to - even if a country is on our green list, there may be differing rules once you arrive there that you must be aware of.