VACCINE passports certificates are set to be a mandatory requirement to enter nightclub venues as of the end of September, despite clubs opening this week with no such measures in place.

Speaking from self-isolation, Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced the new rule on Monday facing packed venues, like nightclubs, once all adults have had the chance to be double vaccinated.

Evidence of a negative test will not be sufficient, unlike pilot events, with punters requiring proof of being double jabbed in a move that has sparked immediate backlash from the industry.

Rekom, which runs Cameo, confirmed their frustrations in a statement to the Echo.

A spokesperson said: “To say we are disappointed by this Government’s U-turn is an understatement.

“Jonathan Van Tam’s talk of his party in his garden shed shows how little this government and their scientists understand the modern club.

“Nightclubs have the best air ventilation systems in hospitality retail and most other settings-with changing air on average every five minutes. “Who else does that? We can sanitise and clean just like any other venue and there is no difference between a club and most pubs at midnight.”

The spokesperson also said that it “should be down to individual risk assessments in line with the specialist scientific advice we have received,” and felt it is becoming more a political issue than perhaps it initially seemed to be.

The statement to the Echo continued: “We are no more than a political football. “Mandatory Covid-19 passports may make sense once the entire adult population has been offered vaccines, but does the Government really think this threat will entice the vaccine wary to take the vaccine?

“They will just stay later in the pubs and hold their parties in their houses.”

Nightclubs were allowed to open without social distancing and compulsory face coverings for the first time in over a year on Monday, but are currently operating without any entry requirements.