THE climate of the world is by the day becoming more extreme and unstable. World climate statistics are broken, by the day, from the poles to the tropics.

Man made fossil fuel pollution drives higher and higher carbon and sulphur saturation in our atmosphere, locking more and more heat into the planet and oceans.

How could the future of life on earth be more terrifying? How clearer could the call be from world science, fossil fuel pollution must end.

And what response do we get from our BCP councils over the past ten years?

Off-shore clean sustainable wind farm ten miles out at sea?

Right for the planet and all of us on every count.

But no. From councils “We can’t have that”. Too much intrusion and noise.

No, lets instead fly in Euro jets and bombers. Lets generate even more mass pollution.

Wind turbines silently generating carbon free energy ten miles out at sea condemned. Roaring mass polluting ear splitting jets over the beaches welcomed.

And now the latest unbelievable proposal for our towns, lets turn Bournemouth into a race track for a week. Never mind the mass pollution and enormous disruption.

Think only the proposers urge us of the “inward profits”. Ergo the profits for investors using our towns as a racetrack.

This idiocy, at this time in history, needs to be wall-to-wall condemned before it takes another breath.

Grand prix and F1 generate 256,000 tons of fossile fuel (high octane petrol) carbon dioxide and sulphur a year. It is staggering.

Boys with their toys. Maturity level adolescence. Fast driving for thrills.

The mental limit of all who support this adolescent indulgence.

I hope thousands more in BCP, including and particularly councillors, unreservedly condemn this lunacy.


Beaufort Road, Southbourne