THE mass vaccination centre at the BIC reopened yesterday for walk-in sessions – with booked appointments resuming next week.

Anyone who requires their first or second vaccination is being urged to book a slot online, although walk-in jabs are available this week from 11am and 6pm until tomorrow evening for anyone aged over 18.

Covid services manager Anna Chainey, of DorsetHealthcare NHS Trust, said: Pfizer and AstraZeneca vaccines are available "with the more vaccinated the better".

She told the Daily Echo: “We wanted to offer walk-in appointments today because here at the BIC we’re a really high through-put vaccination centre.

“Being right on the beach we’re in the right spot to grab people as they’re coming past to get them in and have their vaccinations, every vaccination counts now.”

Dorset recently surpassed one million vaccinations with 100,000 of those taking place at the BIC since opening in January.

Being a walk-in centre that offers advantages to anyone seeking their first or second jab.

Ms. Chainey added: “There is not the need to book (walk-ins) for people so it can be really flexible and fit into their day.

“From next week we will have appointments available but we will still be able to accommodate a certain number of walk-ins each day, so don’t let not having an appointment turn you off.”

“If we’ve got capacity to see you we will because we just want to get as many people vaccinated as we can now.”

One of those getting vaccinated on the inaugural day of reopening was Davith Phent, 32, and a student in the town who was receiving his second jab and pleased with the process.

He told the Echo: “I had to queue, but it was better than before because this is my second jab and I think everything has improved as I got through faster than before.

“Anyone coming down for their first or second jab will get a good service.”

Husen Mulsap, 28, agreed the service, manned by an army of volunteers, was helpful and on-hand to help and comfort visitors receiving their vaccinations.

Speaking with the Echo the student said: “It’s my first dose, every volunteer is helpful. I think it's all good.”

The walk-in works with an area to queue outside before people are split between those receiving their first and second jabs.

After that people are screened before receiving their vaccination in the blue tents in the hall, followed by a place to sit for 15 minutes afterwards to ensure everything is okay.

All manned by a variety of volunteers helping out the community just like Pamela Wilson, who gives up her time alongside her husband Paul.

The 71-year-old retiree told the Echo: “We wanted to do something to help, when this came up and they did need us we thought it was good and we really enjoy doing it.”

Dorset HealthCare is encouraging all adults who have yet to have their first or second jabs to make an appointment via the NHS booking system or by calling 119.