I READ with sadness, but not surprise, of the dreadful behaviour of so-called football fans at the European final on Sunday, July 11.

These immature oafs were not true fans, but merely idiots, too childish to be able to hold their drink, and whose idea of “fun” is to cause as much trouble as possible.

I doubt they have the understanding to realise they have let down not only their country but especially the England team and manager, who have worked so hard reach the finals.

These out of control fools would never have the ability to ever reach the standards shown by Gareth Southgate and his players.

To some extent I blame the media (not the Bournemouth Echo I hasten to add), in particular, television, whose presenters have consistently and tediously racked up the hysteria for the last few weeks to unprecedented levels, thus contributing to the mindlessness of said hooligans.


Queens Park Avenue, Bournemouth