VANDALS targeted a nursery school in Wimborne leaving benches smashed, play equipment destroyed and an outside tap broken and leaking water.

The incident happened at Wimborne Kindergarten, in School Lane in Wimborne, between the time the nursery closed at 4pm on Monday, July 5, and when staff arrived the very next morning at 8am on Tuesday, July 6.

Sally Gemmell, the manager of Wimborne Kindergarten, was left "shocked and upset" that anyone would target the nursery, but delighted by the strong positive reaction from the community.

She told the Bournemouth Echo: “When I got here in the morning I saw the benches smashed to pieces in the playground and a wheelbarrow smashed on the ground.

“I was shocked, upset, and really disheartened that people would come in and do this.”

The manager described how the perimeter fence was also damaged alongside an outdoor hose that was stretched across the playground with the tap left on and unable to be turned off.

Police officers have been made aware of the incident but as of yet no arrests have been made.

Unfortunately, the nursery does not have any CCTV footage of the offenders.

However, it will not be without CCTV for much longer because when the Green Man pub in Wimborne got wind of the news it decided it would donate equipment for future use.

Upon hearing the news the local community came together in a strong demonstration of solidarity with one parent setting up an online fundraiser and another local resident donating a play mud kitchen, alongside the pub’s generosity.

The actions of the community left Mrs Gemmell overwhelmed, she told the Echo: “I’m overwhelmed and absolutely delighted, it’s fantastic.

“We feel well supported and we are so proud of our community.”

So far the fundraiser has raised more than £400 in the first two days, which completely smashed its original target of £100.

Funds raised will be going towards the cost of repairs along with purchasing some new play equipment for the children.

The crowdfunding campaign remains active and if you wish to donate can be found online at