BRIMMING with history, charm and good food - let's take a look inside our Pub of the Week.

The White Hart, a 17th century pub located in the Corn Market, is one of the oldest buildings in Wimborne.

Bournemouth Echo: The White HartThe White Hart

It was originally used as the stabling for the Wimborne Minster, but it now boasts delicious food and drink.

Landlady of over two years, Sharon Elliott said: "The pub has a lot of roots back through the generations, and a lot of people hold her (the pub) in their hearts.

Bournemouth Echo: The White Hart landlady, Sharon ElliottThe White Hart landlady, Sharon Elliott

"Since being in charge I have tried to bring her back into the wider community as she was very much a drinkers pub and has gone through cycles in history. I hired a new chef who started at the beginning of June and he's bringing lots of contemporary dishes to the pub.

"We are a fresh cook kitchen, we are not 'ping and ding'. Other pubs in the area have their food brought in pre-packaged, but I'm offering good value food at a reasonable price.

Bournemouth Echo: Food offered at The White HartFood offered at The White Hart

"My aim is to also give young people a starting job, especially coming out of Covid.

"The pub is a good environment for them to learn some great skills, such as teamwork, time management and more. I'm a nurse by trade, so I drill all of these things into them.

"I'm trying to create a strong environment for the community as well as a safe space to enjoy and be a part of."

Bournemouth Echo: The pub's beer garden and outdoor spaceThe pub's beer garden and outdoor space

Food is an important aspect of the pub, with the majority of food offered at the pub sourced locally.

Sharon said: "We have an outside cooking cabin, so a lot of the food is fresh and made to order, and most of our food is locally sourced.

"We use a butchers in Merley, use local vegetables and our fish comes from John Bell at Bell's Famous Fisheries. Being in the town centre is really great as a lot of our food comes from the area.

"After leaving lockdown, we were really reliant on our pizza oven and outside cooking cabin, so it was mainly pizzas and burgers.

"But, our new chef does weekly specials and funky salads full of flavours. He is also bringing through plant-based dishes. He's not a vegan himself, but he wants to show the variety of vegan food.

"The focus for our specials is always the fish we receive from John Bell.

Bournemouth Echo: A fish speciality at the pubA fish speciality at the pub

"The fish comes to us the same morning its caught fresh off the line, which is not something you get everywhere, especially when you're so far inland. We're really lucky to have this and it's not something a pub usually does.

"John is an excellent fishmonger who knows his trade and products."

In between organising the pub for the Euro 2020 Final on Sunday, July 11 and undertaking her masters degree in Philosophy and Creative Writing, Sharon is preparing for the future.

Bournemouth Echo: Inside The White HartInside The White Hart

She said: "We have some weddings coming up this summer which I'm really excited about as we haven't had any weddings in so long, and I'm planning to bring live music back to try and make this summer something for people to enjoy.

"I wouldn't do anything else now, I really enjoy this job and there is never a dull moment."

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