SATURDAY, June 25, 11.30am: In heavy traffic on Poole Road outside Tesco, an idiot on an e-scooter, travelling at speed decides, without any signal, to perform a U-turn, forcing a van to brake suddenly - only just avoiding being rear-ended by the car behind it.

A few minutes later as I pushed a shopping trolley into Tesco, I was almost hit by the same moron as he left the store by the wrong doors, still riding his e-scooter!

Monday, June 28, 2.45pm: At the junction of Poole Road and Queens Road, a young mother pushing a buggy with two toddlers in it, who was waiting for the lights to change allowing her to cross the road, narrowly escaped being hit by another speeding e-scooter on the pavement. This one carrying two young males!

Wednesday, June 30, 10.15am: Sovereign Centre, Boscombe. Two e-scooters weaving in and out of shoppers with complete disregard for safety - a menace, particularly to the elderly and very young children. Indeed my heart was in my mouth at the sight of one mother just managing to snatch her child from the path of one of the two-wheeled menaces, who made no attempt to reduce speed.

None of the scooters involved in these incidents were Beryl scooters – the only e-scooters that can be legally used on public roads and bicycle lanes, and even they cannot be ridden on pavements, in public spaces or pedestrianised areas.

I have lost count of the number of times I have seen police and PCSOs (Police Community Support Officers) turn a blind eye to, or pretend not to notice, these dangerous scofflaws.

I suspect they will only wake up and start enforcing the law when some poor unfortunate is badly injured or, God forbid, killed by one of these maniacs.


Norwich Avenue West, Bournemouth