FRESH, warm, delicious and occasionally served with a dollop of ice cream.

These are just a few words to describe churros, a type of fried dough from Spanish and Portuguese cuisine.

Churros are usually coated in cinnamon, but a Wallisdown based business have taken their sweet snack offering one step further.

Churros Kings, which is currently stationed in its food truck by Bournemouth Pavilion, offers a variety of churros variations, from looped churros coated in chocolate and biscuit to a large churros loop loaded with soft serve ice cream.

Bournemouth Echo: Churros Kings can be found by Bournemouth pavilion, near Pier Approach, BournemouthChurros Kings can be found by Bournemouth pavilion, near Pier Approach, Bournemouth

Manager Will Morris said: "We have been up and trading for a few years now, offering traditional churros.

"At the back end of last year we decided to grow the brand and make our products more cool and modern by looping the churros.

"We took the modest churros and made them into loops.

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"When we were offered the opportunity to trade in Bournemouth for the summer, we integrated ice cream into the menu. In some of our products, our twisted churros sits in a pot of ice cream, which has a whole biscuit in it as well as sauce.

"We offer good, big portions so customers get their value for money."

Bournemouth Echo: The Churros Kings street food truckThe Churros Kings street food truck

If that isn't enough for those hankering for a warm and chocolatey treat, Churros Kings brings out different specials too.

The latest is Reece's Pieces, with a Kinder Bueno special lined up for the future.

"The specials have been really popular," Will added.

For Will, what makes Churros Kings' unique goes beyond the business' wide range of churros products.

He said: "Our loaded loop and ice cream whip and our street food truck are definitely our unique selling point.

"We’re also a friendly bunch and we don’t say no to people. If people want a certain twist or different flavour, then we will accommodate where we can.

Bournemouth Echo: Churros Kings loaded loopsChurros Kings loaded loops

"Also, every Friday we do complementary office drops. We post on Facebook and Instagram inviting people to nominate local businesses in town to receive complementary churros and we deliver them.

"Our batter is made fresh every day, which is also a unique selling point. If there is still some batter left by the end of the night, then we will serve until it’s all gone. No batter is carried over to the next day.

"We’re expecting a busy summer holiday and when restrictions lift and it will be nice seeing people out and about."

Churros Kings have been based by the sea since April 29, and plan to remain there until September 5, but this may change to a later date.

The truck is open from midday to 8pm, seven days a week.

To find out more about Churros Kings, visit:

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