A DORSET MP has apologised for comments posted on his Twitter account loyalist bonfires which offended some Northern Irish residents.

Simon Hoare, North Dorset MP, apologised for a tweet on his account, which has now been deleted.

The tweet read: “Who knew William of Orange arrived in Ireland with hundreds of wooden pallets hence the traditional pallet burning fiesta began.”

Mr Hoare, who chairs the Northern Ireland Affairs Committee, deleted the tweet and offered an apology after some described the tweet as “sneering”.

The Conservative MP said: “Earlier I posted a tweet which was never intended to cause the offence it has to some in NI.

“I want to say fully and unequivocally that I am sorry. I intended only to be humorous/tongue in cheek and I got it wrong.

“I hope my apology will be accepted. It is sincere and heartfelt.”