LIKE millions of others whose hospital treatments have been affected by Covid, I have been suffering from deterioration of my knees, which last year in January I got as far as having the x-ray and referral letter sent by my GP to Bournemouth orthopaedic dept.

Then Covid happened and for over a year, most of it shielding due to asthma, I accepted the fact that my knees continued to deteriorate.

In May this year I contacted GP surgery again and was told they’d send a copy of my January 2020 referral back to the hospital.

I was thrilled and surprised to get an appointment for early September, later to have that cancelled, but a later date also in Sept sent to me.

Today I received a letter and questionnaire to help them decide whether I still needed to be seen face to face or have a phone appointment.

The letter came from our local University Hospitals Dorset NHS Foundation Trust, but the address on the pre-paid envelope which I had to return my completed questionnaire was Macclesfield SK11 7AE.

This is so distressing to think somebody in an office in Macclesfield reading my details decides whether I should be seen at my local hospital in Bournemouth – is this how it is going to be nationwide, that a central office decides our fate?

MADELAINE SIMPSON Bramley Road, Kinson